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a very good friend, a confidant
"I can't believe what happened Friday night. I've got to tell my stunga about this one!"
by Matt P June 06, 2005
short for a group of douche bags;great for pointing out these groups to friends without others understanding
I really hate those DB's
by Matt P March 19, 2003
Whats done to one's car to make it fly
Man, my Bentley's on dubs and I got the bubble eye kit;man its kitted out.
by Matt P March 18, 2003

A particularly randy homosexual; a kinky filth-monger with a taste for man-on-man action
"My gay brother is such a sweet and delicate fellow, but he doesn't get excited by just plain vanilla sex.

He needs a rockhardmanpig to get him off..."
by Matt P June 23, 2005
What your ice does when the light hits it
Man, my wrist was blanging under the foglights from that H2
by Matt P March 18, 2003
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