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A testicle face or otherwise known as "Testie Face" is a fascinating creature which lives in a small town called devon, it has a testicle instead of a head and is generally always pissed off.
"Oh god, That leigh is a testicle face"
by Matt Hiscock November 28, 2004
The word "Foreskin Teleportation" can be used in many ways, but it has two common usages to this date, The first usage is to get to another destination with out being seen in a weird manner, and the second usage is to prepare for something big like sexual intercourse. The two creators have never been sighted since the "World Willy Tour" and are suspected to be creating a secret foreskin and willy army far, far away in the Great willy castle.
"Matt and Marvin used the foreskin teleportation to prepare themselves for the world willy tour"
by Matt Hiscock November 27, 2004
This word is usually aimed at "Dan Thomas" AKA "Squirrel" This child is a very aggresive individual which will take no crap off of no one but could easily get his ass kicked by Matt and Daffydd. His famous phrase is "Calm Down" and this is the phrase that strikes fear in the heart of any man.
Fuck off dan you monkey ass raper
by Matt Hiscock November 28, 2004

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