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Someone who is so stupid by default that to call them a retard would be an insult to those retarded everywhere.

Their ignorance and lack of redeeming factors make them fucktards.
"I can't believe John, the stupid fucktard, would go and say that to Julie after telling him so many times not to!"
by Matt Hayward (AUS) March 30, 2004
Woman that hates men or loves to pity them as her subjects rather than see man as equals; woman that is sexist towards all men.

Opposite of misogynist - men who hate women.
Eg a woman talking to her friends "oh god my man is so stupid, I had to iron all his shirts for him because he has no idea"
by Matt Hayward (AUS) March 30, 2004
When you don't care of have no opinion on a subject so much, you are adamant about it.

combination of focused and apathy, forming fapathy
eg, "I don't care about politics at all, but I hate Bush so much I will vote for whoever the other dick is"
by Matt Hayward (AUS) March 30, 2004

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