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A television show created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show runs on Comedy Central.
A movie was created: South Park - Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.
The main goal of this show is to shock people and push television restrictions to its edge.
(fact: Cable can say whatever it wants as long as the advertisers agree, and if you have as many viewers as South Park, you can push the limit.)
<Grandpa>God damnit, Jimmy, I told you to stop watching South Park. Your young and I'm old, I can't accept any new ideas so you can't either.
<Jimmy> Gee, gramps, you need to shut the fu... shut the fah.... shut the fuaa.... CK up! What a terrific audience.
by Matt Curley April 06, 2003
A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Most support a large number of players in 1 server.

A form of RPG - Role Playing Game

Most of the time it is required that you do not speak OOC (Out of Character)

Some examples are: Asherons Call, Everquest, and Ultima Online.
<News Broadcaster>4 teen student's died today after a battle over who got control of their stone tower in one of the most popular MMORPGS -- Ultima Online.
by Matt Curley April 06, 2003
A slang and lame term for Hacker.

Note: Most real hackers would not try to make something bigger than it really is by trying to spell it L33t. (also one would not brag about being a hacker as its something called "illegal")
<Newbie> Son of a bitch, I got killed again. I told you to turn off those hacks.

<L33t-D00d-420> Fux u, cock sucker, I own u, I AM MASTOR HAXOR.
by Matt Curley April 06, 2003
To facilitate actions of one with Down Syndrome. See "Downy".
Bill tried to do his work but was too busy downin' it up.
by Matt Curley April 21, 2005
Someone who takes extreme risks in an attempt to gain massive fame while putting the rest of the team in great jeopardy.
Andy was a hero when he thought he could beat down the other team's flag carrier and got killed first. We lost 3 to 2. We don't have time for heroes.
by Matt Curley April 21, 2005
A massively multiplayer online role playing game. (MMORPG)
Won an award for most played online multiplayer game.
<Ultima Mage> Haha, I just got done training my Magery and now I own Ultima Online.
<B-Zor from other Ultima Online Definition> Yeh, well u sux, u fux.
B-Zor has been slain.
<B-Zor> YOU SON OF A...
B-Zor has been slain.
by Matt Curley April 06, 2003
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