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4 definitions by Matt Coon

When, in cases of extreme thirst, a person using a soft-drink fountain fills the beverage container, chugs it, and then fills it again before sitting down to eat.
Person 1: Hey man, why did it take you so long to get a soda?

Person 2: I was prefilling my cup; I've been thirsty all day.
by Matt Coon August 07, 2007
7995 1334
Someone who is not regularly hot, but bears strong resemblance (physical or any other) to a character in the Harry Potter series, thus making them attractive to fans.
Whoa that girl looks exactly like Ginny Weasley. And she's my best friends sister. Such Potterbait!
by Matt Coon August 23, 2007
22 5
A friend, who is sometimes a friend, but usually an asshole.
I helped a bunch of my freaking friendholes plan a party and then they didn't invite me.
by Matt Coon July 03, 2007
17 1
Someone who attempts to be a doppelganger, or carbon copy of another person, and only looks like an ass doing it. Often unpleasantly reminiscent of the original person.
"I don't want to go down that hallway, there's a doppelfail of a kid I really hate."
by Matt Coon September 06, 2007
10 2