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4 definitions by Matt Baker

Another name for a boom box/ sterio
usually consider to be a low grade boob box/sterio
from a good friend alex hudd's mother
Bitch pump up the getto blaster!!!!!
Son turn down that getto blaster, and clean your room
by MATT BAKER April 21, 2005
34 12
A drink consisting of Jack Daniels and Smirnoff.
originating from a good friend MUCKE MICKEY)
Dude JACKSMEOFF On the Rocks....
Playa Hit Me up With a JACKSMEOFF
by MATT BAKER April 21, 2005
0 2
a dickhead who feels like dissing people on a website
The biabia can suck his moms dick because he has nothing better to do with his life
by Matt Baker February 02, 2005
11 13
Tough, hard lad!
i dont wanna mess wid u!
by matt baker November 27, 2003
43 60