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The Fear Of Getting an erection
In public i have erectaphobia, because my cock is so huge.
by Matt "Kratos" Hoffman October 14, 2006
A way of Gaining 2 things for the price of 1.
i got the head in one hand, the body in the other, so im thinking two-fer two-fer! So i take the head, stick it right up my ass, the snakes are goin crazy, i take the body, turn it around stick my wammy right up the ass. then the body starts shakin. instant orgasm 2 for 1.
by Matt "Kratos" Hoffman August 22, 2006
1. That's Life
2. Shit Happens
3. Get Over It, Bitch!
1.Guy 1: Dude, my wife's cheatin on me for some asshole! Guy 2: Dinkin Flicka. Guy 1: yeah, your right.... I think i'll kill myself. Guy2: Go for it nigga.
by Matt "Kratos" Hoffman August 25, 2006

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