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The Life, Universe, and Everything. The major board on gamefaqs. This board is filled with crazy people and as LUE haters say 12 year old perverts looking for some pr0n. LUE has been through everything including sterLUEzation. All in all LUE has held in and still has tons of stupidness in it. We are still waiting for black LUEday
Lets put a link of goatse or tubgirl on LUE
by Matt Ludwig December 28, 2003
see CJayC
Jeff Veasey is CJayC
by Matt Ludwig December 28, 2003
A LUEicider on GameFAQs. Broke the message length limit and made it where you must make the scroll bar go way to the left. SubBlue was banned and had many other names like SubGreen, SubRed, and he still lurks GameFAQs today with a secret name.
Whoah dude, did you see SubBlue's LUEicide.
by Matt Ludwig December 28, 2003
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