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3 definitions by MatrixDweller

(verb) (boo-cock-ayed) The act of getting cummed in the face by a bunch of men.
1. My wife had agreed to get bukkaked but then she came to this site and looked up the meaning and changed her mind.

2. I hate it when I go to work and get bukkaked by management
by MatrixDweller July 17, 2005
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Dianetics comes from the Greek dia, meaning through and nous, meaning soul , and is defined as what the soul is doing to the body. This has to take into account that there is such a thing as a soul. Popularized by the grand pobbah of scientology L Ron Hubbard. Science being something of proofs or disproofs the name scientology and it's use of dianetics is farsical and insults the very nature of science in the same spirit Christian Science does.
You know Bob that talk on Dianetics really makes me want to give all my money away so that I can exorsise the deamons from my soul, I think you should too. All hail L Ron Hubbard!
by MatrixDweller July 17, 2005
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Something that is ultra cool to a select few but completely moronic to the rest.
1. Wow man, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is like so Hasslehoff.

2. Where the fuck are all the hot women? This nightclub is fucking Hasslehoff.
by MatrixDweller July 17, 2005
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