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The idiom "try to get your goat" describes the intentional act of one person attempting to upset one or more other persons. Goatstolen is disposition of a vicitm of this intentional upset.

The word describes someone who is or is acting upset.
Did you hear Bob get worked up when that guy was camping him in the online game, Bob sure was goatstolen.


I just kept poking holes in his logic until he was totally goatstolen.
by Matool13 March 11, 2010
1. The unfortunate digital anal infiltration one suffers at the hands of hillbillies.
On a roadtrip to Florida we broke down in the middle of nowhere. We got kidnapped by hicks. My friends are still missing but I escaped after getting the Georgia mud finger. My anus still aches.
by Matool13 August 25, 2011

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