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4 definitions by Matates

Used as a highly vulgar insult for generally men. Relates the use of a popsicle to fucking up the anus/ass.
"Shut the fuck up you popsicle fucker!"
by MATATES November 22, 2004
7 6
Used to describe a man who uses popsicles to masturbate up the anus. In other variations it is used to describe a homosexual or describe a man who messes up very much.
"Damnit, popsicle fucker! Pick that shit up!"
by MATATES November 26, 2004
13 13
Matates-holes carved in rocks, used by Indians to ground corn. Another word for the replacement of FUCK or SHIT, depending on the situation.
Matates! I forgot my homework. (Sorry after school, couldn't think of anything).
by Matates November 01, 2004
0 5
Used to describe a chair or some other piece of school equipment to used as a musical instrument. Ex. A person can lick his fingers and rub them across the metal cage in school desks in order to create an almost violin sound.
"Dude, let's play some violin chair!"
by MATATES December 05, 2004
1 28