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3 definitions by Masteroftheweb

An emotional, or mind state, in which a person becomes a whiney little bitch. The world around them becomes disfigured as they attempt to deal with there problems with themselves and/or other people.

Often the signs include the person saying things such as "why do I exist?" and "I mustn’t run away"
Jon is being such a bitch. He can't get past his little shinji complex long enough to realize what a moron he is.
by Masteroftheweb December 27, 2003
a common name in japan
I know this chick... her name's Rei
by Masteroftheweb December 29, 2003
The art of killing, by means of sex

Sexified (past and future tense)
Jane is going to kill bob through sexification

bob was sexified
by Masteroftheweb February 27, 2004