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Photoshop is one of the worlds most wonderful tools created for photo editing.

Originaly created by John and Thomas Knoll in order to to take a Fing ugly (Fugly) women or biatch and make her modelesk. Also used to take a stick or twig man and make them look buff or ripped.

Became increasingly popular among young women who favor the expand tool to enlarge their breasts(does not always work very well) look up Epic photoshop fail on google and exhibit a should be there.
Photoshop has evolved and many different versions have emerged (CS1, CS2, CS3....ect.) with each new version emerges a new way to turn fuglys into fuckables and twigs into bigs.... *Sigh*
Girl: Look! Kristina I can make myself go up a cupsize in Photoshop!

Boy: This girls boobs are not as big as her pictures make them look.....

Boy: I can just add some abbs into my pics to get the ladies... *wink wink*

Girl: This twig so does not have abbs... UGH *Sigh*
by MasterofMS January 18, 2012

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