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Someone who thinks they are clever and is trying to stir trouble with people on the net when a truly smart user comes along and owns them in such a fashion that they apply such tactics as to get the said person to dance like a puppet on a string
That Lindsay is owned by me like she was a puppet on a string.Watch me make her dance!
by MasterSofTrancE February 14, 2006
an Internet user who has ghost-like abilities by coming and going without definative trace or detection
There was this 1337 user who was coming and going like they were some kind of Webghost making a mockery of us.
by MasterSofTrancE February 21, 2006
an elite user of the Internet who is elusive and not easily identified and is likely to have exploited your OS or Network Server
I just had to do a full systems scan for some 1337 user who has been in our network and OS making us look incompetent, he must be some sort of Webghost
by MasterSofTrancE February 19, 2006
Someone who thinks that having an iPod makes them a DJ and they run around places playing their iPod as if they were a DJ
Whats the deal with those ipod junkies and their supposed DJ abilties?Its more like iJ-ing
by MasterSofTrancE February 16, 2006
an individual who is likely to be on the lower level of society who gets nourishment from rats milk,a loser off the internet
Check out that titrat called Lindsay,That chick is such a Titrat and is a real loser
by MasterSofTrancE February 12, 2006
An Internet user who plays games (not video) with losers who need to learn a lesson about what is unacceptable.
A derivative term from Queenslandspeak (gammin) in Australia
Why is that user bugging us like he was a progammer?
I thought you were only joking until I worked out you're a progammer and were toying with me
by MasterSofTrancE February 18, 2006
to be fucked up beyond all recognition
I got so wrecked last night I was FUBAR
by MasterSofTrancE February 12, 2006

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