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2 definitions by MasterOfBation[TeeHee]

The noise half cats (a cat with no head half, just a butt, hind legs, and tail) make when blowing their whistles with the only hole they have.
"Lim, will you stop pooting?! I need some thinking time."

"Pooootttt poot poooooooooooooooooooot poot!"

"I mean it Lim."
by MasterOfBation[TeeHee] April 24, 2010
A rabbit-like little creature with no genitals and a cracking screechy voice that kills all who hear it.
"What's that noise?!"
"I think it's a Justin Bieber.. Let's put it out of its misery"
by MasterOfBation[TeeHee] April 24, 2010