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Some guy we Germans are supposed to adore for some reason.
German guy 1: Hey, did you see David Hasselhoff last night on TV with that strange black talking car?
German guy 2: David who?
by MasterJoe August 21, 2006
Common misspelling of the word Oktoberfest. Go there if you want to find out about drunk Bavarians, Americans, Australians and Japanese.
It's called Oktoberfest, not Octoberfest.
by MasterJoe August 21, 2006
Rather derogative term coined by U.S. Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld to piss off those Europeans who didn't want to go to war with Iraq.

Didn't work out well, Rummy's shot eventually backfired; as Europeans now see the description with pride as they don't have to go with anything fucking America says.
Jesusland inhabitant: Where ya from?
Old European: Old Europe and proud of it!
by MasterJoe August 13, 2006
two words:
annoying f**ing bullshit.
one day i'm gonna stab jamster with a plastic spoon.
by MasterJoe August 13, 2006
Real name of an alcoholic beverage that Americans (and only Americans) refer to as "beer".
The name was supposedly chosen to better reflect the original taste.

Originated from Postal 2.
Jeez dude, you call that beer? That cat piss tastes like Buttgeyser!
by MasterJoe August 13, 2006

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