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An alcoholic drink made of bourbon, whiskey or sometimes brandy or rum, sugar, crushed mint leaves, and shaved ice. Really, any alcohol would probably do, as long as it gets you a buzz. Right? Its a classic southern beverage, but during the american Prohibition era it was everywhere.
Charise sat out on the porch one hot evening and sipped her mint julep lightly
by MasterGrief April 26, 2005
Originally inspired by the fantastic old Nickelodeon show Invader Zim, Pig is used as a term to hail a friend or ally with. For fun, it can also replace other words for that extra Pig feel.
Hey pig, what's going on?

Pig, get in! (To the warthog/other vehicle)

I just got done playing BattlePig 1942!
by MasterGrief December 07, 2005
A common misspelling of the word "hardcore", herdcore has developed its own definition as a herd of cattle sitting on a large quantity of apple cores, or perhaps the trampled remains of a Apple G5.
Boeh, ahh tell yew what, me n' Cletus seen a regular herdcore just last teeosday.

Herdcore can be permenantly blinding to an apple enthusiast, you know.
by MasterGrief June 06, 2005
A potato. Simple as that--A potato. Not a deformed penis, not a sexual act--just a potato.
I'm eating an irish apple right now.

" -I got candy corn! -I got a popcorn ball! -I got an irish apple! -I got a rock."
by MasterGrief November 21, 2006

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