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There are two types of war:

1) Normal style war: Something noone pays attention to.
2) American style war: Something that causes the whole world to make it a habit to watch CNN/NBC/Sky News/etc. for hours every day and talk to their friends about what new goodies America has at her disposal.
1) Bob: "Heard of the war going on in *insert some unknown 3rd world country*?"
Joe: "Nope, who gives a shit"
2) Bob: "I heard America are gonna start the war tonight!!!"
Joe: "Kewl, the last two wars were fun but were a little short, I heard they got this new bomb that causes FUBAR to a larger area than that MOAB, that should be fun to watch"
by MasterBates March 02, 2004
Sega's games console in the 1st generation of games consoles. Used as an insult during the early 90's.
When you had a Mega Drive or SNES for over a year, and you knew someone who just got a Master System.
"Dave got a Sega Master System for his birthday, what a lamer!"
by MasterBates March 02, 2004
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