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A tape where the planned killing; murder of someone is recorded.
There have been evidence of snuff films, there was a huge Russian based child-porn ring/website broken up a few years ago called "Wonderland." Where for the right price they would kill the kid and film it, and the perv would watch it. The police have evidence of these digital tapes, and part of one was shown on an Italian news broadcast!

BTW you contridicted yourself when you said "...Some serial killes have recored themsleves torturing and killing, but these crimes were not filmed(???)..." And what the fuck is a legitimate murder?
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
Something completely void of humor

a) The UPN sitcom line-up

b) The 1929 Stock Market crash that began the Great Depression.
I had to get really drunk to find anything funny about Black Tuesday.
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
What this form of government really is. Indeed superior to a democracy!
This country was founded as a Republic-where the people vote for represtatives and they handle the government business. For example if it was intended to be a democracy, Senators originally would not have been elected by Congressmen, and the President would not be elected by an Electoral College.

The founding Fathers did not have system of government in mind, where the load vocal minority, those who honk their horns the loadest tell an incompitent fuck what to do balless Clinton for example and his poll checking every hour upon the hour! This does not work, plus a poll only included 100-1000 questioniers. The idea is to elect and be represented by the best and brighest you can, not be at the mercy of the damned and dumbest- the ignorant Aunt Jemima society of nigger cunts and their democratic pussies for example!
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
Something punks on the down low get in their rear, mouth or ear!
"Leroy say he wunt on da down low. But I knowen how he git them herpes in da moff. It wat from eaten no black pussy cuz he kno what it been up in dems!"
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004

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