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2 definitions by Master Deluxe

The actual act, or actions of what could be considered you being a douchebag. Mostly identified with men with small man's syndrome, small penis syndrome, steroid use, Ed Hardy t-shirts, Affliction clothing, or Tap Out t-shirts.
"Hey Bob, you see that guy in the Affliction t-shirt going to every girl in the bar and hitting on them?"

Bob: "Yeah, i can't believe some girls actualy fall for that guy and all his douchebagery"
by Master Deluxe February 03, 2010
A slang word for a white person. Taken from the word "cracker"
"Yo Mike, you check out that new movie with Zach Galifinakis?"

Mike: "Word up, Crackel"
by Master Deluxe February 03, 2010