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Similar to the idiom, "Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve" but instead of expressing your emotions freely, you (or someone else) show how much of an asshole you are.
Cal: Yeah, so I punched him in the face for taking the last slice of pizza.
Rudi: It was his birthday, assjacket.
by Master Clean January 17, 2006
The ruiner of an up-and-coming good time.
Ching: Oh hey, here comes Matt!
Qaz: He ruined a game of scrabble yesterday.
Ching: Really? What a zoohot!
by Master Clean August 07, 2005
The smell your pubic hairs get when you haven't washed in a couple days.
Sandy V: I haven't cleaned myself in days. I guess I should wash my mushroom forest before it gets any worse.
by Master Clean August 11, 2005
Someone who's toes look like small penis'.
Sally: I'd go out with him, but his toes looks like small penis'!
Jim: Oh, so he's a dinklefoot?
by Master Clean January 17, 2006
A hooker that is on cruches.
Tito: Damn, that crazy ho is one of them horcrux's! I GOTTA GET ME SOME OF THAT!
by Master Clean January 26, 2006

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