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Prostatic fluid which can flow from the penis in the form of a mini-orgasm. Unlike a full ejaculation which produces cum, cream, or semen, a prostate-stimulated discharge is not explosive. Milk can be white or somewhat transparent and is much thinner than real cum.
Another difference from a full-fledged ejaculation is that the penis usually becomes even more excited after discharging milk and since the urethra has been primed, the ensuing orgasm is often felt to be much hotter.
I massaged his prostate with a dildo in his asshole and milk streamed out of his dick.
I fucked that boy so good, ramming his prostate with my cock, that streams of milk flowed out of his stiffy.
Milk before cream.
by Master Bob June 28, 2009
diarrhea. From heiny buttocks, goop messy mass and soup liquid
I was on the toilet all day with heiny goop soup.

Those baked beans look like heiny good soup.

I called in sick today cause I had heiny good soup.
by Master Bob October 13, 2007
1, Refers to joy regarding the sexual activity of one's partner.
Commentary: Not to be confused with compersion, a feeling of joy, the opposite of jealousy, when a loved one invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship.

2. A sexual practice or fantasy in which people expose their partner, or images of them, to other people for their voyeuristic pleasure.

3. A practice involving one person observing, often from concealment, two others having sexual relations.

4. Sexual arousal through watching two people having sex, particularly one's partner with another.
My boyfriend felt profuse candaulism when I told him about the hot date I had last night.
I shot my load in the closet watching my boyfriend get off with that hot number.
by Master Bob January 19, 2015

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