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I OS that had its flaws in the past, but since the NT core has been used has fix many of the flaws. Writen in 32bit, soon a 64bit version will be out of the 64bit cpu's.
"Will this Windows XP software work on my abacuses?"
by Mason July 11, 2003
instead of homefry hometoast it is the wangsta way
Yo, what up hometoast.
by mason May 03, 2004
Sanio is a very racist person and is normally gay. He likes to dis black, Asians and gays. When he was a kid he got rape by his teacher and that teacher was gay and black
Gay person - that sanio cunt bet me up

Black person - that sanio cunt fucked me up then stole my weed
#sanio #black #racist #mason ross #sanyo
by MAson September 23, 2013
A derogatory term for a goth who is of homosexual persuasion.
Check out Boon's fishnet armlings, he is not artistic, just gaythic.
by Mason January 23, 2005
A substitute who always has stuble

Mister Perkins let all the kids leave class to go smoke. Weed.
by Mason November 30, 2004
XoD, one of the best hackers on CS! He pwnz all..BEWARE!
"OMG! This guy is a fucking hacker!" No, that's just XoD, the leebest hacker!"
by Mason February 11, 2005
traditional name for short japanese girls.
that natsuki girl is vertically challenged.
#japanese #short #girl #cute #vertically challenged
by mason April 23, 2006
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