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A horrible place you go after elementary school. Usually 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Tons of posers, and wanna be emos. 30% of the girls are sluts. Relationships seldom last more than 3 weeks and are never serious. Middle School is the hellhole of everyones life.
middle school is bad.
by Maserati June 23, 2007
The most vile, disgusting, revolting, repulsive video on the internet. It involves two lesbians shitting and vomiting in a cup, then eating it.
Video at 2girls1cup.com. Try to watch it without flinching.
2 girls 1 cup. Trust me, its gross.
by Maserati November 15, 2007
THE most nasty video on the internet. It shows a guy tie up his dick, cut it off, and pull out the organs.Do it yourself castration. This video will scar you.
BME pain olympics. Not recommended for young kids
by Maserati March 04, 2008
a ho you fuck up the ass
that damn 5 dolla assho gave me gonorrhea
by Maserati November 11, 2007

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