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A character in a tactics rpg, i.e. Fire Emblem, who is disarmed and used to distract enemies without inflicting damage or gaining significant exp.
To act as a meat shield.
Fire Emblem Noob: Hey, I got a paladin! Sweet!
Fire Emblem Expert: Take his weapons and set him in front of the lord. Otherwise he'll steal your experience.
Noob: I'm ready to fight!
Captain: Go meat shield a sniper, why don't you?!
by Masaki July 26, 2006
A punch aimed at a male's genitalia. This can be done directly, while facing the target, or by hooking the hand from behind the target. The target is then laughed at. To be sportsmanlike, the words "meat shot" must be yelled as it is done. To perform such an action, one must be familiar with the target.
v. To perform such an action.
See milk shot
1. That bastard Steven just hit me in the balls and laughed!
2. He just meat shot you, man.
by Masaki July 26, 2006
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