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Word used for Directioners after Niall Horan(From Boy band One Direction) tweeted that he broke his bed from jumping on it. He called us Directioners that because of all of the responses he got to that tweet. The term Crazy mofo means "crazy motherf*cker". Carefree Mofo is commonly used to describe Niall Horan.
Tweets about Crazy Mofo:

Niall Horan ‏@NiallOfficial
"Came in last night! Jumped on my bed and broke it! So had to sleep on the couch! not the best nights sleep I've ever had ! #NoInnuendos"

Niall Horan ‏@NiallOfficial
"Lookin at the replies to bed tweet! U guys are nuts ahaha! not one non- sexual tweet! ##crazymofos"

Niall Horan ‏@NiallOfficial
"Hahaha the trends ! You lot are mad ! #crazymofos !"

Niall Horan ‏@NiallOfficial
“@malikyourface_: niall so wants to change the fandom name to #crazymofos” lets do it!

Niall Horan ‏@NiallOfficial
"#crazymofos still trending hahahah!"
by Marzapanmarah June 04, 2013

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