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7 definitions by Mary Margaret

The original skate shoe; what etnies try to copy. worn by "old school" skaters who still where baggy pants and not tight ones like those fucks with what they consider to be "real" skate shoes. Will last forever
1. Dude! those vans kick ass!!
2. I know white and black all the way
1. what are those fucks with tight pants and emericas doing??
2. falling off their boards aparently
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
The hand gesture made by "metal heads" when hearing music they like. Made by holding the middle and ring finger down with the thumb while holding pointer finger and pinky strait. (Unfortunately) Picked up by lots of music genres, now not taken as seriously for that reason.
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
A style of music coming from traditional ska and 2-tone ska, usually upbeat and accompanied by horns (trumpets, trombones etc.) Slightly dying out now because some morons prefer hip hop crap
five iron frenzy
Ska kicks ass!
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
Your basic insult, vague but still mean. Used to insult males usually. Someone who doesn’t disserve your time
jerk, asshole, moron, stupid

Insulter: Wow, you're dumb
Insultie: Shutup Dickwad!
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
A pretty good band that tries to hide the fact that they're from Naperville, even though all Napervillians know it. (Don’t worry I deny it too, Naperville?? NO! I'm from Lisle!!) First hit was "dumb pop song" it was picked up by Q101
LBC it's all about growing out of it kid
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
1) A person who is difficult to be around a "piece of work"
2) Someone who does stunts to get attention
3) A person who tries to hard to be cool; a poser
Teenage boys, Posers, "Cling ons"
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
A person who tries to be something they are not, can be in any genre. some one who clings to a trend. A "wannabe", hated by all the people who are actually the genre the poser is trying to be.
Avril Lavigne, any who support her.

1. Dude, look at that skater wearing etnies
2. What a poser!
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005