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99 definitions by Mary

One who talks in excess and doesn't know when she's not welcome.
Stop being such a mariya you dork.
by Mary March 10, 2003
41 87
a shorter version of dfnmljaskedzknls bauihav mdvgvmyafgsidgviyergbfar aka i love you in Swahili by flem
"Hi Kyle! What's up?"
"Not much cept i think i DBM you Mary!"
by Mary January 12, 2005
3 50
A girl that is 35 years of age trying to pretend she's cheerleader and sex idol.
Qwen Stephani is an example of cronehood.
by Mary April 07, 2005
51 122
A 35 year old woman who pretends to be a cheerlead and sex idol.
Qwen Stephani - 35 year old crone.
by Mary April 07, 2005
39 114
a gang located in hell... also known as the shoreline of Connecticut. they enjoy going SWAT and making trouble. They hate people with the name of trina and think she needs to die. They enjopy having fun, hanging out, and hating people. they also use hoo hah to describe when the Master Bitch gets angry.
"mini bitch watch out for master bitch... shes going hoo hah" -the mini pimp
by Mary June 24, 2004
11 89
yoga- code name for haveing sex with someone
hey mom im going over to johns to do some yaga.
by mary August 04, 2004
22 108
slang for crack
hey whittie lay off the yeyo or hook it up!!!
by MARY May 12, 2004
16 102