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One given to showing off about what they know by teaching others on numerous different topics that have little relation or no relation at all to the each other or the main subject matter at hand; pedant
"I'm afraid that's not going to fix the truck, Jim. To fix a truck you have to retool it. Not that much different from fixing a television set in which you rewire the power cords. Power cords which interestingly enough came were invented in the 1800s around the same time jim crow laws were passed and The First Barbary war took place. It's interesting to note that the first law was-" "Can you tell me how to fix the truck or not, know-it-all?" snapped Jim, justifiably so.

My know-it-all father went rambling on about irrelevant shit from how to groom dogs, how to tattoo arms to how to construct a road and how to build a house instead of getting to the point about figuring out the math problem. As it turned out he didn't know how.
by Marvinforbare July 13, 2008

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