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1 definition by MarvelousRavioli

A straight male who is turned on by male to female transsexuals. Tranny Chasers do not like men and are only attracted to transsexuals because they look like women. Gay men do not like male to female transsexuals because strangely enough gay men like men not women.
Guy#1: Wow Bobby's new girlfriend is super hot.
Guy#2: Did you know that she was born a dude?
Guy#1: Woah. I didn't know Bobby was gay.
Guy#2 He isn't gay He's a tranny chaser , gays don't date women, they like guys.

Guy#1: I thought you said she is a guy?
Guy#2: I said she "WAS" a guy, not "IS" a guy. Guy's don't have tits and where skirts, do they?
Guy#1: Nah I guess not.
by MarvelousRavioli December 05, 2009