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This is the German word for "potato head". A rather silly and only slightly denigrating insult, it is mainly used to confuse people.
person 1: Haha I am smarter than you! Did you think that I would fall for the can of nuts trick? Kartoffelkopf!

prankster: huh?

person 1: That's right! I also know German!
by Marty Larel February 25, 2006
Clytemnestra was the wife of an ancient Greek king. She had three children, Oresdes, Ephiginia, and Electra. She was mad at her husband for bringing home so many women slaves from the Trojan War, (including Cassandra)so she drowned him in the bath tub.
no wonder nobody is named "Clytemnestra"
by Marty Larel April 01, 2006
the combination of a whore and a bimbo. Usually unattractive and slutty.
girl 1: So who is *fictional girl* dating? *fictional boy* or *another fictional boy* or both?

girl 2: I don't know, she's such a wimbo. I wish she would shave her unibrow.
by Marty Larel January 15, 2006

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