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3 definitions by Martin Hansen

An expletive used when one is overcome by powerfull Rock and Roll. Also, a TV-obsesed band with really good tunes and a really bad name. Fans are known to chant "Change Your Name!" at shows.
"Fancy Pants and the Cellphones, that was a great rock show!"
by Martin Hansen February 05, 2004
3 2
In medical terms, specimen refers to things like jars of urine, stool samples and pap smears. So if the word is applied to a human, it should be derogitory. Like calling someone a tool, a jizzwad or a shithead.
That guy's such a specimen I just want to wretch.
by Martin Hansen February 05, 2004
7 18
Extremely versatile verb. spelled like the more common "job", but pronounced "Yob" like you're Swedish. When used creatively, hillarity ensues. May be used to describe a bodily function, inaproriate outburst, or clumsy reaction to stimuli.
"Oh, damn, you're jobbing all over my pants!"
by Martin Hansen February 05, 2004
8 25