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{noun} The process of making someone English.

verb - "britifying"
past tense - "britified" OR "britificated"
Once you have been taught how to make a cup of Earl Grey, how to toast and butter a crumpet, and how to eat your crumpet and drink your tea with your little finger in the air, your BRITIFICATION is complete, i.e. you have been BRITIFIED.
by Martha's_Cellmate November 04, 2004
randomness - the act of being random
"So, what did you do last weekend?"
"Oh, nothin' exciting, except on Saturday I went up to my ex-lover's lover's Mormon mother's farm and helped her milk yaks."
"Wow... the randomocrity of that is amazing..."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 03, 2004
contraction of "manly quiche"
a type of quiche that can be eaten by straight men without any homosexual jibes being thrown at them.
"Okay, here's the stuff we gotta buy for the party. Write this down. Potato chips, pizza, Diet Pepsi, crackers, quiche for the girls and man quiche for the guys, salad, mayonnaise..."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 03, 2004
like a high five, except instead of touching the palm of your hand to another person's palm, both of you bring your hands really close together and then let your wrists go limp at the last minute.
"Yyyyyyeaahhh, Madonna's new album just went platinum!"
by Martha's_Cellmate November 03, 2004

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