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An accent which is not considered RP or Cockney.
It is somewhat in between the two and features bits of both accents in some way or another.
Cockney & Estuary: 'will' is pronounced 'wiw'
RP & Estuary: 'hate' is pronounced with the 'h' and the 't'.
Estuary English: 'Hallway' is pronounced 'Haaw-way'
#cockney #ee #rp #accents #english
by MartM May 13, 2007
An accent of English spoken in the East of New England.
The border is traditionally the Connecticut River, which separates the accents of Eastern and Western New England.
Eastern New England accents are non-rhotic while in Western New England the 'R's are pronounced everywhere.
#eastern #western #new england #accents #non-rhotic
by MartM May 13, 2007
A rhotic accent is one where R's are pronounced everywhere.
Most accents in the US are rhotic or becoming rhotic (Eastern New England is an exception)
Most of Canada, Scotland and Ireland have a rhotic accent.
Southland and Otago in NZ are also rhotic due to Scottish influence.
#rhotic #accents #eastern new england #irish #scottish #canadian
by MartM May 13, 2007
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