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Female pleasure tool
Stacy: So Jean, is Scotty going to bang you tonight?
Jean: No, I get to use the old baguette
by Marshbag March 27, 2007
Pretty fucking tight

Negroid 1: Daaammmnnn!!! Did you see that ass?

Negroid 2: Hell yea! That was P.F.T. Man!
by Marshbag April 25, 2007
Another word for Ghonoreah. Used from the guy perspective.
Ryan: Dude! I made sweet sweet love to this hot slut last night.
James: Oh yea? Did you get fire wood?
Ryan: Shhh, Don't tell any one but my wood burns like a mofo.
by Marshbag October 16, 2006
Another term for a vagina.
Guy: I saw you looking at thoes chicks.
Girl: Uhh no, I don't go that way.
Guy: Give it up, we all know you are down with the vertical frown.
by Marshbag December 20, 2006

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