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An idea that at first seems like an amazing insight (at least to the conceiver) but later turns out to be pointless, mundane, stupid, or incorrect, and often is the root cause of bad decisions. Mostly occurs under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Here is a bimutual epiphanot from one of Americas cinematic masterpieces, National Lampoon's "Animal House"...

Larry: Okay. That means that our whole solar system could be, like one tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being. (Jennings nods) This is too much! That means one tiny atom in my fingernail could be--

Jennings: Could be one little tiny universe.

Larry: Could I buy some pot from you?
by Mars Redwyne April 08, 2007
any collection of poems, prose, quotations, insights into nothing, epiphanies and epiphanots, drawings, cartoons, autographs, finger paintings, tabloid clippings, hangman gallows, tic tac toe boards, and beverage stains, compiled by an individual or close knit group of potheads, having been composed entirely under the influence of marijuana.
When I learned that Crayola had two new colors called 'beaver' and 'manatee', I immediately rushed to the store and bought the 120 pack. Then I came home and drew two pictures in the marijuanicles, one was of a manatee-colored beaver, and the other of a beaver-colored manatee.

by Mars Redwyne April 08, 2007
A distraction or collection of distractions that keep one from achieving an intended task.

A population 'crastinates' or has 'crastinated' when a majority of their time is spent engaging in activities not even remotely productive.

When a population favors their 'crastinated' state of mindless entertainment with little or no interaction required over a properly functioning society, they are said to be 'Pro-crastination'
Sites like Youtube and Urban Dictionary are just the type of crast on the Internet today that really epitomize my stance on procrastination.
by Mars Redwyne October 29, 2008
The ungraceful ending of a conversation (esp. over the phone) where multiple variations of 'goodbye' are stammered, often simultaneously.
YOU: .... well okay then, I'll talk to you later.
ME: Alright, we'll see you.
YOU: Bye
ME: Later
YOU: Later
ME: Bye
BOTH: See ya
ME: Okay (click)
YOU: Bye (click)

ME: God I hate the awkward valediction shuffle.
by Mars Redwyne September 23, 2008
The ending of a sex act.
After climaxing, she felated me resulting in a most spectacular forniclusion.
by Mars Redwyne August 06, 2007
the spattering of pee, esp. off a solid surface such as the back of a porcelain urinal
He sauntered nonchalantly from the mens room, casually holding a glass of beer in front of his crotch to conceal the fact that he had speetered all over his khakis.
by Mars Redwyne April 08, 2007
Resembling a fact without being factual.
While President Bush refrained from stating any specific numbers, the points in his address were facty enough to convince the American public of the grave and immediate threat.
by Mars Redwyne October 16, 2007

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