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The act of a sandy vagina queefing into your face.
Steve broke up with Linda after she gave him an Iraqi Sandstorm at the beach.
by Marky Mark Fa Sho September 15, 2008
While engaged in a sexual act, cut off the top of your girlfriends hair so she has a Ben Franklin-like haircut. Then Ejaculate on the baldspot u just made and put the hair back on. You my friend, have just done the only Ben Frnaklin
Shirley: Hey, Jerry Ben Franklind me last night
Bill: Oh my god, Gross!
by Marky Mark Fa Sho May 06, 2008
Having went home with twins after a night of heavy drinking at a classic English pub
Bill-"How'd you do last night?"
Chris-"Total Twinchester Dude!"
by Marky Mark Fa Sho May 28, 2008
The Fabled book that 1 in 126,540 women have. It contains every man that they have ever had sex as well as a ranking on how they performed
Fred: I saw Sarah's Dicktionary
Jim: How did you Rank?
Fred: 15th!
Jim: Dude, arn't you married to her?
by Marky Mark Fa Sho July 10, 2008
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