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The pronounced bulge in the female genital area. Most obvious when viewed slightly from the side. Also known as the beetle-bonnet, monkey's chinor fanny-clam

More politely known as the Mound of Venus.
"Fuck me mate! Look at the bull-nose on that."
by Marko The Great August 26, 2004
Nude shots of the female that show the full dripping gusset surrounded by the 'red jacket' of the labia lips.
Photographer: "Come on love, lets get a few showing the red jacket"

Model: "Not for the amount I am being paid. You'll have to make do with the bull-nose
by Marko The Great September 07, 2004
More than one toke on a spliff, in rapid succession.

Results in a similar high as that with a Texas Toke
"Whoah, greedy bastard. I said toke not tokes. Get it passed on"
by Marko the Great August 03, 2005
German slang term for the mouth. Means gob or chops, but actually refers to the mouth of a beast.
"Get over here bitch and get your maul round my lid
by Marko The Great August 26, 2004
A mild to medium case of 'the shits' following a medium curry the night before. Another symptom is poo that resembles Bombay-Mix.

A worse case would be Karachi Crack or Rhino-Eye
"Whoooaaaah! That feels like I've peppered the pan. Bombay Bum again!"
by Marko the Great August 03, 2005
The practice of sniffing the internal gusset or bull-nose area of recently worn or freshly laundered ladies undergarments.
"Oi Billybob, do ya fancy a spot of snelging tonight?"
by Marko The Great August 26, 2004
A seriously bad case of Knob-Cheesecollected together during a long visit to Cornwall.
Before you give us a gam, you'll have to crack off that Knob Pastie.
by Marko The Great July 30, 2004
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