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1- 666, the devil's number
2- a pretty damn good song by Iron Maiden
Anywhere you see "666" it is an omen of the devil. It is considered "The Number of the Beast"
by Markdashark1212 April 28, 2007
A premium cable channel that shows movies, and often shows softcore porn late at night. Many guys in there preteens/early teens often watch shitty horror movies just to see tits, because they are too stupid to realize that if they stay up another hour, porn will be on.
13 year old #1- Dude did you see house of wax last night on HBO at like 10? There were like, 4 tit scenes in it.

13 year old #2- Hell no, but I did see real sex at like 11. Why would I subject myself to Paris Hilton for like 2 hours?
by Markdashark1212 April 28, 2007

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