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The worst fucking president of the United States in all of history and more than likely all of the future AND in all of the world. For all you dumb fucks that believe George Bush is doing good for the world, you have been brain washed by the bull shit media that he outputs for easily consumed minds like your own. Also, whoever said that unemployment is DOWN. YOU CAN SUCK A FAT DICK. I used to live in Toledo, OH... check the fucking unemployment, poverty and economic disaster that is happening there. It's enough to make up for ATLEAST 3 smaller cities. Ya it's only city, but if one part is out of a system, it slowly spreads to it's surroundings. Bush sucks, the Bush campaign sucks, the Bush administration sucks, and YOU suck if you think this butt-fucking "good" president is actually doing a favor for this world. DON'T BE BRAIN WASHED BY THE MEDIA TE BUSH CAMPAIGN PUTS OUT. They lie to the public and you know who controls the media? That's right... the higher up people. Not some fucking station. The fuckers who are in on his World Domination or w/e the fuck he's going for.
President George Bush has the intelligence level of a day old nigger.

By the way, isn't it the 20-year president curse where a president gets assassinated? WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED PEOPLE?
by Mark010101011100 September 16, 2007

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