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someone else's fart leftovers
damn....I got sideswiped by walking into his fart cloud.
by Mark T January 25, 2005
a derivative or lazy way to say see-ya-later or later or lates

also, some Corp stole the word and made the name into pants. dikks!
I'm audi.....slates!
by Mark T January 25, 2005
the act or art of yankin before your blow your load, and rolling away from that MESS you just filthed your cock on. a useful term for most of us who are too lazy to pack da rubs.
if you forgot yer jimmy hat, pull and roll...
by Mark T January 25, 2005
The better (or cleaner) way to say 'da shit'.
it means it's great, or phat, or da shit. Da Poop is replacing all those idiots who still say Da Bomb and Da Shit.
by Mark T January 25, 2005
when your cat or dog is going-to-town on his back-door or chocolate pocket.
dude, check that cat, he's havin' a butt snack! YUMMY!
by Mark T January 25, 2005
ur bung-julio, or chocolate pocket. ur arse!
look at the back of that cat... see da chocolate starfish?
by Mark T January 25, 2005
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