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The collective body of all followers of Reow.
Those who spread the word in the name of Reow.
eg. Nice tits, want to join the Society of *Reow*?
by Mark Reow May 08, 2003
eg. Oh mighty masters of FoREOW let me honour you with my naked body! (said by attractive females only, others please see Tim)
by Mark Reow May 08, 2003
The founding fathers of Reow.
Those who first used Reow, and those who took Reow from its infancy to glory.
Five members in all, identified only by their first names (alphabetically): Ilkka, Mark, Nat, Pete, and Tim.
eg. Pay homage to the Fraternity of Reow, for they have brought us our glory!
by Mark Reow May 08, 2003
Someone who avoids his friends so he can hang out on the net, because he's too slack to do otherwise.
Ilkka would prefer to sit at home on the net than come see X-men 2 with us... he's suck a piker!
by Mark Reow May 04, 2003

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