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A bad situation to be in. An unfortunate ocurrence.
Ah, I see. Well this IS pickles on parade. For both of us, mind you.
by Mark Blue September 13, 2007
A slice of pizza taken from a friend who has bought a whole one for him or herself, so that the buyer feels justified in their decision since the appearance of greed has been diminished.
Jake was reluctant to buy a full-size margherita, until I suggested I'd grab a courtesy slice or two.
by Mark Blue August 25, 2009
A peircing in one side of an upper lip. This peircing is almost exclusively seen on younger females, and most often contains a stud, rather than a ring. Named after the famous pop musician, who has a natural beauty spot in the same place.

Unfortunately, this particular peircing is associated with the lower classes, and with people of poor taste.
That girl should never have worn a yellow cubic zirconia in her madonna - now it looks even more like a zit!

People who are brave enough are known to approach a girl with a madonna, and casually tell her that she has "someting on her lip... just there..."
by Mark Blue September 17, 2007
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