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10 definitions by Mark Snicher

A short, Asian boy that is obsessed with video games and practices kung fu moves that he has learned through years of playing. Japtards usually talk fast and expect everyone to know what they're talking about when it refers to one of the 300 Final Fantasy video games they're playing at the moment.
That japtard just did a roundhouse kick. He's probably copying his favorite Tekken character.
by Mark Snicher April 05, 2005
15 25
A word used by stupid sluts and frat guys to describe drinking before an event of any kind. This can include a funeral.
Duuuude, some of my boys are coming over later, so we should totally pregame.

Hehee. I was thinking we should pregame at your dorm before we go to my semi-formal!!!
by Mark Snicher April 05, 2005
209 319
see slut or whore
No woman has a soul.
by Mark Snicher April 06, 2005
188 528