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Japanese clothing label. They sell cute stuff, but some if it just creeps me out. A naked woman with a bowling ball infront of her, ehhh, private parts? Not to mention, it is RIDICULOUSLY priced. You're better off looking on Ebay if you're Otaku enough to buy such things.
Lover's House, Hysteric Glamour, Metamorphose, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, etc. are all Japanese fashion labels that many Wapanese and Otaku buy to "be" Japanese.
by Mariselita February 11, 2005
The song, "Confederate Fag", pretty much coins them up well:
Mama killed the baby
Now the daddy was in town
Drove up in his pickup truck
And buried her underground
The rebel force will save me
Pink panties all around
What they said was so unreal
I guess it was profound
When they said
Mister Anti-Everything, atari stick in hand
Bat me on the forehead
So I could understand
He smeared his face with lipstick
And yelled and screamed real loud
Point in my direction
And rub semen on the crowd
When he said
Everyone needs a hero
Nobody needs a star
Will you still adore me
When I've gone way too far?
The rebel force will save me
they grabbed my little hand
Threw me in the pickup truck
Cause I don't understand...
The song, Confederate Fag, is quite lovely. You should download it illegally. It's by Jack Off Jill.

Wth is it with them and their refusal to believe the Civil War is over?
by Mariselita March 02, 2005
Lolita has multiple meanings, nowadays:

1. The more common and general meaning, a "Lolita" is a non-teenager who has developed the shape of a 14-17 year-old:
-They attract older men (25 and up) with their bodies, knowledge, and over-all charm.
-They receive attention from older men (25 and up) in return.
-Based on a book titled "Lolita." (A 12-year-old girl seduces her step-father.)

2. A Japanese street fashion that has been recently made popular throughout the globe by Gwen Stefani.
-It is dressing in either: A) Victiorian, lacey, poofy, antique-looking and unique clothing. (Elegant Gothic Lolita) B) Wild colors and patterns blending together from hair to shoes that attract a lot of attention but doesn't look like you rolled around in someones' closet. It has to somewhat flow together. (Harajuku Lolita) C) Clothes resembling those from Alice in Wonderland or the 1920's.
-Gwen Stefani's numerous songs involve Lolita Fashion - "What You Waiting For?" (Lyrics and Music Video), "Rich Girls" (Lyrics and Music Video), and "Harajuku Girls." And is now made popular in the UK and America by the Otaku and the Wapanese who try to be Lolitas.
1. Did you ever read the book, "Lolita"? -Anonymous

2. Shelby is a such a Lolita. Did you know that she flirts with the math teacher to get out of class EVERY DAY!? -Me

3. I'm fascinated by the Japanese fashion scene
Just an American girl, in the Tokyo streets
My boyfriend bought me a Hysteric Glamour shirt
They're hard to find in the states, got me feeling couture -Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Girls"
by Mariselita February 11, 2005

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