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You say this when you ask a Question and someone Answers with "I Don't Know". Then you say "Well, If You Did Know What Would You Say?" Then you have a great feeling in your stomach and the other person feels like a stupido. Haha lib.
Tom: Yo, What Time Is It?
Jerry: I Don't Know
Tom: Well, If You Did Know What Would You Say?
Jerry: Dude...
Tom: Well, You Should Know!
Jerry: Ok, I'll Go Check
Tom: Better!
Jerry: Haha.
Tim: Haha.
by MarioCanDoAnything January 21, 2010
L.I.B. stands for "laugh in brain". People dont acctually LOL "laugh out loud". They laugh in there brain. So people have to stop LOL'ing and do something more true. LIB
Tom: Dude I Just Totally SLipped And Fell On Rocks.
Jerry: L.I.B.
Tom: Ya, It Sucks ass
Jerry: L.I.B. Dude Your A Moron.
by MarioCanDoAnything January 21, 2010

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