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A couple who, in the course of planning their wedding, display difficult, selfish, narcissistic behaviour relating to the event.
Peggy Galbraith, “Re: cake... "

"However, I still think a wedding is one of the few times a couple can be completely selfish and think of themselves only. Oh no: couplezilla!"

Z. Santiago, “Re: Cheif Bridesmaid needs help!"
"Then, no they're not wrong at all, they're being a couplezilla. I say: couplezilla go ahead and embrace your zilla-ness. This is the stuff that makes great wedding horror stories..."
by MarieBe January 26, 2013
An extravagant wedding that either the groom and bride cannot afford - but insist on having -, or that is to expensive to attend for members of the immediate family, wedding party (bridesmaid - groomsman), friends, guests - example: a destination wedding - haute couture formalwear.
Kent Fackenthall - The Ride in
"It occurred to me this morning on the bike that the reality shows have just about gotten out of hand. They have one for everything now. I had a new idea for one called ‘Adventure Weddingzilla’"

Terry Cabeen - The Groom’s Planning Dilemma
" His intuition on your potential planner could save you a frantic pre-weddingzilla blowup (when she totally drops the ball)"
by MarieBe January 26, 2013

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