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A guy who gets a girl drunk and then takes advantage of her. Then the next day she is really sad about it and regretted what she did. Knowing that he still is proud of himself and brags to everyone he knows about what he did.
Luc is telling everyone what an ass he is. He's such a jerk.
by Marie April 19, 2005
breaking wind, letting rip, farting
phewwww can you smell that i've just guffed!!!!!!
by marie August 05, 2003
A rough city/town knack living in Ireland, wears fake burberry hats at 45 degree angle to head,that doesnt block anything even the video camera guys.Tracksuit pants white runners celtic jerseys,try to start arguments anywhere steal peoples phones/purses milk toilet roll hair brush you name it they want it
What a pack of scangers!
thats a frickin scangercity
by Marie March 27, 2005
A small race of people with mixed skin colour, referred to as coloureds in South Africa. NB: This is a non-racist term.

Cape coloureds are found in Cape Town especially and are wonderfully vibrant, strong people. A typical Cape coloured speaks fluent 'Kombuis'(kitchen) Afrikaans; this is the informal more English version on Afrikaans.

They have notible accents, never ever get on their bad side. If you ever meet a bitchy coloured girl or a sleazy coloured guy, you'll know why. They are the toughest race on the planet and can 'wys' you just like that.
An English accent: I like to got to Paris but I think it's just a phase I'll grow out of.

A typical Cape Coloured accent: I lyke to goh to Parr-ACE but I think is jus a f-ACE I'll groh out of.
by Marie February 11, 2005
Person from Oldham, Lancashire, coming from the expression 'Up yonder' pronounced as 'Up yonner' by people with an Oldham accent..as in 'Where are you from?' 'Up Yonner'
Oi, you bloody Yonner
by Marie August 31, 2003
Polish greeting, translates to "hello"
"dzien dobry"
by marie September 18, 2004
To hump someone
To ride until dawn
by Marie April 02, 2003

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