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1 definition by Mariabella

Baseball is a code word for smoking pot. It is mostly heard around the northern california area.

baseball gear = pot
how many innings you played= how many bowls youve smoked
your coach = your drug dealer

the bat= the pipe
the ball=the bowl.
are you pitching tonight=are you going to put money to buy some pot

when you are really high you say "man , i hit a home run"

and if you dont want to smoke anymore that night you say "im still too tired to play another game.. "how about we play baseball tomorrow?"

also. what color team your are in, is how you describe the wellness of the bud.
"Hey, did you want to play baseball tonight?"

"Hey, I have to stop and talk to my coach for a second, did you want to pitch at the game tonight, or what?"

"i think she hit a home run, big time"

"hey i have the ball.. do you have a bat?"

"oh, and by the way, we're on the purple team tonight"

so on.
by Mariabella August 16, 2007