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On New Year's Eve, the practice of rewarding the resident little girl with a champagne glass filled with the men's semen from the day. At midnight, she should drink the cocktail while the said men cum on her naked or partially clad body. If the child is of age, she should take a shot of Absenthe after downing the cum, after which she would be subjected to countless gangbangs from her boyfriends.
Melissa was standing in the center of the living room, waiting for midnight to come. She was dresed in black lingerie that exposed her pussy and nipples. At midnight, she drank down the cum cocktail, as twenty loads began exploding all over her body.
by MariaLu January 06, 2008
An impervious bit of cloth, held over a young girl's pussy after cumming in it, to increase her chance of becoming pregnant.
When grandpa had cum over and over again in his little granddaughter, he put a pillow under her hips and a cum shield over her cunt--she was just having her period, so her parents wanted her to have a good chance of having his baby.
by MariaLu November 20, 2007

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